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Specialty Materials

ThermoFlex Plus 12"x10"

ThermoFlex Plus 12"x10"

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  • Widest color selection in the industry.
  • Beautiful screen-print like finish and soft-touch
  • Most colors can be layered for an even more colorful visual experience
  • Pressure-sensitive carrier makes for an easy weeding experience
  • When applied correctly, Plus will outlast the life of the garment

Acceptable Fabrics

Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Cotton/Polyester Blends, Polyester/Acrylic Blends, Linen, Wool Excluding Nylon


  • Mette, Metallic, and Glossy: 4 mils/100 microns
  • Metal Flakes: 5 mils/125 microns

Special Precautions

Metallics, Metal Flakes, and Neon colors can not be layered beneath anything. 

COLOR VARIATION: During the manufacturing process, sometimes there is a slight color variation between rolls. This is especially true for neon colors.

All sizes relative.


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