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ThermoFlex Plus 12"x20"

ThermoFlex Plus 12"x20"

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Available Widths (in.): 12”, 15”, 20”, and 30”
(30” rolls: limited availability)
Available Lengths (ft.): 15’, 30’, 45’, 60’, 90’ and 150’ rolls
150’ rolls may not be available in some colors
Sheets Available in Matte Colors only: 12”x15”


Matte, Metallic, and Glossy:
4 mils/100 microns
Metal Flakes: 5 mils/125 microns

 More durable than the garment its pressed on when applied correctly
• Easy to cut and weed
• Comes in over 120 colors
• Clear, pressure-sensitive carrier

ThermoFlex® Plus is our most popular heat transfer vinyl and the best in the industry!

With its soft feel, durable nature, and impressive color range, it’s not hard to see why ThermoFlex® Plus is considered an industry standard. This HTV is flexible and most colors are layerable. Compare the ease of weeding and applying ThermoFlex® Plus with competitive products and you’ll discover why so many professionals ask for it by name.

If you haven’t tried ThermoFlex® Plus yet, what are you waiting for?


The logo indicating this product meets oeko-tex standards



If you’re using this product for the first time or trying a new garment, it’s always best to test on an inconspicuous area or spare garment before applying final production.

BLADE – 45°

CUT ORIENTATION – Mirror image

TEMP – 320°-330° F

PRESSURE – Medium, even

TIME – 15 seconds

PEEL – Warm (except Neons and Columbia Blue- peel cold), cover with Teflon and repress for 2 seconds.

CARE – Wash warm water. Tumble dry normal. Dry-cleaning okay.

LAYERABLE? – Yes with the following exceptions- neon colors, metallics, metal flake colors, and Columbia Blue are top layer only


PLEASE NOTE: Every blade and machine is a little bit different- always remember to test cut! These cut settings are a starting point to be adjusted to your blade and machine.


  • Material: Iron-On
  • Pressure: Default
  • Blade: Fine-Point Blade


  • Material: Heat Transfer, Smooth
  • Blade: 3
  • Speed: 8
  • Force: 6


  • Speed: 8
  • Force: 14

We use a 45° blade.

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